PAY: Off to Europe with eBill and for a Cryptopolitan to Bern

eBill is setting course for Europe. The field-tested Swiss-made model is now setting out to conquer the European market too. The latest issue of PAY magazine also takes you to Bern – for a Cryptopolitan at the museum.

Other topics:

  • Phase-out of IS and ISR are over. On the uncertainties of invoicing if invoice issuers do not change over to QR-bill or eBill in time.
  • Rino Borini on a classic chicken or egg problem: How can as many merchants as possible, and also consumers, be included in the digital payment process?
  • In food stores and supermarkets, debit card payments predominate. Almost 90% of all transactions are attributable to the 20 most common categories of everyday consumption. PAY provides fascinating insights into the payment habits of Mr and Mrs Swiss
  • The four Vs and a rule of thumb for data analysis. How data analytics findings in a business environment help convey certain messages or identify potential growth areas.
  • The magic formula for replacing pull payments.
  • QR codes for mobile initiated SEPA (instant) credit transfers.
  • Does the European Payments Initiative have a future?

This and more in the new PAY magazine.