It's the Second Move of PAY

The PAY magazine appears for the second time. Read about how and when banks in Switzerland will be able to execute customer payment transactions within a matter of seconds 24/7/365 and find out who are the driving forces behind instant payments.

  • Learn about Hypothekarbank Lenzburg CEO Marianne Wildi’s views on instant payments in Future Talk.
  • University Hospital of Zürich has rolled out QR-bills. What went smoothly, and what didn’t?
  • digital wallet for Europe? Pilot experiments between different countries are currently underway, and Switzerland is participating in them with TWINT.
  • Did you know that nobody in Switzerland used payment apps yet in 2017 and that seven percent of the population has always paid contactlessly? We show you how usage of different payment methods has evolved over time.
  • Central bank digital currency – the Bank for International Settlement’s answer to private digital money.
  • Before it became popular as a collector’s item, the Goldvreneli was a legal tender medium of exchange. A homage to the 20-franc gold coin.

The “Experts Only” topic articles also pack a punch:

  • A new network is revolutionizing the secure exchange of data with Swiss financial industry infrastructure. Over the new SSFN communication network, a defined group of users securely exchange data with each other isolated from other data traffic, no matter with which telecom service provider.
  • Authenticator apps are conquering the world of user authentication. How do they work, and where are they being employed?
  • SIC transactions have never been cheaper than they are today, thanks in part to the migration of PostFinance’s entire interbank payment transaction volume.

This and more in the new PAY magazine.