clearit: Swiss market is ready for the QR-bill

In the latest issue of the magazine clearit it is reported that companies have been made aware of the QR-bill launch and that most of them have already taken necessary measures. This is shown by a new survey.

Further highlights:

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Ordering procedure for printing QR-bills 
Banks and the printing industry have agreed on a common standard for the continuous automated processing of print orders.

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Savings high like 1000 Eiffel towers
Over 200 million paper invoices will have been replaced by eBill yearly, leading to saving so much paper as to build a tower 300 kilometers high. An infographic provides further data, facts and figures about eBill.

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"For 15 years our country has made no headway"
Councillor of States Ruedi Noser is referring to an essential digital service: the state certified and confirmed electronic identification, which is anticipated to be legally anchored in the proposed E-ID Act.

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"The digital identity is the foundation of successful digitalization of Switzerland"
SwissSign Group CEO Markus Naef, who provides with SwissID the infrastructure for electronic identity, explains the potential uses of E-ID now and in the future.

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