Is one free to decide whether to use the orange and red payment slips or the QR-bill for invoicing?

Can the QR-bill be freely shaped?

What utilization possibilities are available?

Is a perforation mandatory on a QR-bill between the invoice and the payment part as well as between the payment part and the receipt?

Can the QR-bill be used for foreign payments?

Which currencies can be used?

Can an invoice issuer who as a service provider (e.g. insurance company, health insurance scheme) sends a copy of the settlement to its insured person fill in the amount field with XXX?

What values can be used in the "reference" field?

How and where can messages be placed?

Can additional elements like advertising be placed on the QR-bill?

In the case of a self-printed QR-bill, is there an obligation to examine and approve it by a financial institution?

What requirements must be met for the introduction of the QR-bill?

Is it possible to create QR-bills with the creditor’s preprinted details, but without yet knowing the details of the intended payers?

Is there any need for action when using accounts receivable systems?