Frequently asked questions

Planning security

When can the QR-bill be used?

The payment part the Swiss QR Code is replacing the currently used payment slips. Can, however, physical payment instructions be still submitted at banks or can payments still be made at post office counters?

The current forms of the payment slip will be replaced by the payment part with Swiss QR Code and thus disappear. Will it only be possible to invoice with QR-bills in the future?

What is going to happen with the currently used blank payment slips?

As of when can the current payment slips no longer be used?

How is it being assured that companies will be involved on time and will be ready?


Is one free to decide whether to use the orange and red payment slips or the QR-bill for invoicing?

Can the payment part and the receipt be freely shaped?

What utilization possibilities are available?

Is a perforation possible on a QR-bill between the invoice and the payment part as well as between the payment part and the receipt?

Can the QR-bill be used for foreign payments?

Which currencies can be used?

Can an invoice issuer who as a service provider (e.g. insurance company, health insurance scheme) sends a copy of the settlement to its insured person fill in the amount field with XXX?

What values can be used in the "reference" field?

How and where can messages be placed?

Can additional elements like advertising be placed on the payment part?

In the case of a self-printed QR-bill, is there an obligation to examine and approve the payment part by a financial institution?

How can the invoice issuer generate a payment part with no software solution? What can they use for this purpose?

What requirements must be met for the introduction of the payment part with Swiss QR Code?

Is there any need for action when using accounts receivable systems?

Generating payment parts

Where can I find samples of the payment parts?

Can pre-printed QR-bills/payment sections be ordered from SIX?

Can you recommend specific ERP software that I can use to create QR-bills/payment parts?

What online offers do you recommend for generating QR-bills?

Where can I find out which ERP software is ready for QR-bill?

Printing of payment parts

How can the payment part of the QR-bill be used?

Is there a measurement and design template for the payment part?

Must the amount and address data of the debtor be printed?

Is it possible, as it is today, to use additional information, e.g. a payment purpose?

Can handwritten additions be made to the payment part after it has been printed?

Can pre-printed payment parts still be ordered from banks, including PostFinance?

Is there an obligation to test and approve the payment part by a financial institution?

Why do the dimensions of the QR-bill payment part differ slightly from the masses of the current payment slips?

Billing information

What is the purpose of the billing information?

Do I have to enter the billing information when I issue an invoice?

What information does the billing information contain?

What does "ultimate debtor" mean and what happens to his data?

Paying payment parts

Can the payment part be used for paper-based payment instructions?

What is an "Alternative procedure"?

Do I have to fill in the field "Alternative procedure" when I issue an invoice?

How can the payment part be used for online services?

Can the QR-bill with payment part in PDF format be used at post office counters and postal agencies?

Can the QR-bill with payment part in PDF format be used for paper-based payment instructions at the bank?

Is there any need for action when using account payable systems?

Swiss QR Code as data carrier

What information is contained in the Swiss QR Code?

How many lines (elements) does the Swiss QR Code contain?

Will people without technical skills be disadvantaged by the introduction of the Swiss QR Code?

Will the Swiss QR Code limit the use of current payment traffic channels?

Is there a central library for generating a Swiss QR Code?

How do I integrate the Swiss cross in the Swiss QR Code?

In the Swiss QR Code, the character series CR + LF (0x0d + 0x0a) is used as as separator for the individual data elements. Can only the character CR (or LF) be used instead?

May the element separator used (CR + LF / LF or CR) also be used within a data element (e.g. line return in "Additional information")?

Does the element separator used in the Swiss QR Code be considered in the maximum character count of an element?

Which QR code version should be generated?

Use of references

Which customer references can be used?

What is a QR reference? Why does it have to be combined with a QR-IBAN?

What is the point and purpose of QR-IBAN?

What is the QR-IBAN for?

What is our QR-IID?

Can the current 6-digit identification number assigned by the banks be further used?

Is the consistent processing of the reference number ensured?

As an invoice issuer, do I need to do something to use QR reference?

Will ISR credit files which a bank customer receives today to reconcile incoming payments also be replaced and, if so, by what means?

Payments at the post office counter

Can the payment part of the QR-bill be used for payments at post office counters?

What happens to the previous neutral payment slips?

Legal aspects

Is there a risk of patent infringement if the Swiss cross is affixed in the Swiss QR Code?

What is to be considered with regard to patent law?

Is a contractual agreement (ISR/ISR bank participation declaration) necessary for the use of the QR-bill?