Implementation Guidelines QR-bill

The Swiss Implementation Guidelines for QR-bill – eight points in the technical and functional specifications of the payment part with the Swiss QR Code (version 1.0 of 27 April 2017) – shall be revised and adapted to the current market requirements.

Feedback to the following proposed changes is possible:

  • Introduction of a perforation requirement for paper-based payments
  • Introduction of a receipt slip
  • Simplification of structured addresses
  • No display of the biller’s structured information
  • Simplification of combination options for structured references
  • For the time being, no use of the field "Ultimate creditor"
  • For the time being, no use of the field for alternative schemes
  • Introduction of an additional license-free typeface for non-Microsoft users

At the end of the consultation process, the input received will be reviewed and a consultation report will be written and published at PaymentStandards.CH.

The new version of the Implementation Guidelines will be published on 15 November 2018.


The consultation period extends from 31 July 2018 to 23 September 2018.