Platform for the validation of the Swiss QR Code

The financial center offers a platform for the validation of Swiss QR Codes to support software providers. Both the data structure (as a text file) and already created image files (in the formats jpg, png and img) for the Swiss QR Code may be checked for correctness according to the "Swiss Implementation Guidelines QR-bill".

Validation portal

Important note

The Platform for the validation of the Swiss QR Code is unavailable due to the changes in the specifications until 15 November 2018.

The currently used payment slips will be replaced by the QR-bill in the further course of the Swiss payments harmonization. Since the QR-bill affects all companies, government institutions and non-profit organizations as well as all Swiss consumers, the financial center intends to obtain market feedback about the design of the QR-bill during the next stage. Therefore, the decision has been made to conduct a consultation procedure from August to September 2018 in which the market stakeholders can participate. The Swiss financial center assumes that the proposed changes will be positively received by the market and that it will be possible to use the first QR-bills starting 30 June 2020. With this new date, the financial center is taking into account the time required to carry out the necessary migration tasks, which represents major challenges for all participants in an infrastructure project carried out by the private sector such as the harmonization of payments.

Updating of the Implementation Guidelines

The following proposed relevant changes are to be considered in the consultation process:

  • Simplification of structured addresses
  • Introduction of a perforation requirement for physical dispatch 
  • Introduction of a receipt slip
  • Introduction of a license-free typeface for non-Microsoft users
  • Simplification of combination options for structured references 
  • For the time being, no use of the “Ultimate Creditor” (will be introduced at a later date)
  • For the time being, no use of the field for alternative schemes (will be supported at a later date)

The QR-bill Implementation Guidelines, the first edition of which was published in April 2017, will be amended where the proposed changes are supported by the market as a result of the consultation process. The subsequent revision and publication of the guidelines are planned for mid-November 2018.