Where can I validate the Swiss QR Code or the payment part?

Is there a central library for generating a Swiss QR Code?

How do I integrate the Swiss cross in the Swiss QR Code?

In the Swiss QR Code, the character series CR + LF (0x0d + 0x0a) is used as as separator for the individual data elements. Can only the character CR (or LF) be used instead?

May the element separator used (CR + LF / LF or CR) also be used within a data element (e.g. line return in "Additional information")?

Does the line shift (CR+LF) used in the Swiss QR Code have to be taken into account for the maximum number of characters in an element?

We have created a specification or software for QR-bill. Can you check this?

Which QR code version should be generated?

Which version of the IG should be entered in the QR code (the elements "QRCH +Header ++Version")?