Where can I validate the Swiss QR Code or the payment part?

Is there a central library for generating a Swiss QR Code?

How do I integrate the Swiss cross in the Swiss QR Code?

In the Swiss QR Code, the character series CR + LF (0x0d + 0x0a) is used as as separator for the individual data elements. Can only the character CR (or LF) be used instead?

May the element separator used (CR + LF / LF or CR) also be used within a data element (e.g. line return in "Additional information")?

Does the line shift (CR+LF) used in the Swiss QR Code have to be taken into account for the maximum number of characters in an element?

We have created a specification or software for QR-bill. Can you check this?

Which Swiss QR Code version should be generated and with which coding?

Which version of the IG should be entered in the QR code (the elements "QRCH +Header ++Version")?