Use of alternative procedures

The Swiss banks are assuming that in the future billers will want to offer their customers other alternative procedures in addition to bank transfers, some of which may not yet currently exist. To design the QR code to be future-capable for this purpose, the banks have built in an "alternative procedures" element at the end of the QR code. Additional information for up to two alternative procedures can currently be filled in here.

Additional information for up to two alternative procedures can currently be filled in here. The meaning of the first characters of the field is predetermined as follows:

Characters 1-n indicate the procedures to which the filled in parameters belong
Characters n+1 defines the separator with which the subsequent parameters are separated
From characters n+2 for the necessary alternative procedure parameter, separated by the defined separator. All parameters that may contain personal data must first be displayed, followed by the other parameters.

Registered alternative procedures

Organization Short name Short description Link to syntax definition
SIX eBill Electronic bills

Other owners of alternative procedures that would like to use the QR-bill can contact to clarify the options and further schemes.


Implementation through providers of solutions for billing

During the implementation of this function, providers of software solutions must make sure that the use of alternative procedures can be managed through the master data. For each biller it must be possible to define whether, and to which schemes, this information should be sent. It is recommended that an internal solution be prepared for the use of procedures that can later be easily upgraded. If a bill recipient should receive information about a specific scheme, then the "alternative procedure parameters" field should be filled in with values according to the specifications of the scheme owner.