The crucial role of the software partners

As a software partner – i.e. as a software producer, software provider, IT consultant or an IT department within a company – you will play an essential role when it comes to the harmonization of payment traffic.

You are the hub between business customers and financial institutions. Please note that

  • the  Swiss payments harmonization is complex and represents major challenges for software producers, companies and financial institutions alike.
  • the central steps and joint plans of the Swiss financial center are defined and set. Therefore, the deadlines for the various phases and stages are binding for software producers.
  • all bill recipients must be enabled to pay QR-bills as of 30 June 2020.

Recommendations for software partners

The following procedure is recommended to match the design requirements of the QR-bill with your software services:

  • Blueprint
    Analyze the consequences for your products and customers. 
  • Analyses
    Evaluate your customers work today and which requirements and potentials exist for additional products and services.
  • Implementation of the QR-bill by 30 June 2020
    Integrate the ISO 20022 requirements for the QR-bill in your product development. 
  • Testing
    Plan and coordinate the testing. Extensively test the QR bill early on and free of charge on the SIX validation platform.
  • Rollout and Support
    Consider when and how you will inform your customers.



Corner marks and scissors symbol

Templates for the payment part and the receipt of the QR-bill

Style Guide QR-bill

in English, French, German and Italian (only payment parts)

Swiss QR Code

Schweizer Kreuz / Croix suisse / Swiss cross