The crucial role of the software partners

As a software partner – i.e. as a software producer, software provider, IT consultant or an IT department within a company – you will play an essential role when it comes to the harmonization of payment traffic.

You are the hub between business customers and financial institutions. Please note that

  • the  Swiss payments harmonization is complex and represents major challenges for software producers, companies and financial institutions alike.
  • the central steps and joint plans of the Swiss financial center are defined and set. Therefore, the deadlines for the various phases and stages are binding for software producers.
  • all bill recipients must be enabled to pay QR-bills.

Recommendations for software partners

The following procedure is recommended to match the design requirements of the QR-bill with your software services:

  • Blueprint
    Analyze the consequences for your products and customers. 
  • Analyses
    Evaluate your customers work today and which requirements and potentials exist for additional products and services.
  • Implementation of the QR-bill
    Integrate the ISO 20022 requirements for the QR-bill in your product development. 
  • Testing
    Plan and coordinate the testing. Extensively test the QR bill early on and free of charge on the SIX validation platform.

Topical question

Can the payer change certain contents of the QR-bill in the payment interface before initiating the payment in e-banking, mobile banking or with a payment software?

Before triggering the payment in e-banking, mobile banking or via a payment software, the payer can change some specific contents in the payment interface. For the QR-bill, this applies not only to the amount, but, among others, also to the elements “Additional information” or “Unstructured message”, as well as to the address of the debtor. All elements that are permitted in Swiss payment transactions can also be used or added to the addresses in the payment order, such as those of the debtor or the ultimate debtor. This can lead to the situation that address data in the credit advice do not match with those in the issued QR-bill. When the payment order is processed, the information of the debtor (account holder) are retrieved from his bank’s master data. This information can also contain any of the permitted elements of the structured address. (Source: Style Guide, page 10)



Corner marks and scissors symbol

Templates for the payment part and the receipt of the QR-bill

Processing rules for QR-bills

Description of the banking rules and related processes for the creation of a QR-bill and the processing of a payment part with Swiss QR Code and a receipt, including related business processes.

Swiss QR Code

Schweizer Kreuz / Croix suisse / Swiss cross