Payment slips

The new QR code replacing all current Swiss payment slips will make payments even more efficient in the future. The electronically readable data code is to contain all important information.

The new QR code is suitable for all payment types and supports billing in CHF and EUR. The account number will in the future be depicted in IBAN format (IBAN/ISR IBAN). The QR code contains all important payment information, such as the ISR reference number, the creditor’s information, the amount and messages. It enables use of the ISR reference number or a payment purpose (message). The procedure with reference will be recognized through a special financial institutions identification number (ISR IID). Instead of the former ISR reference number, the use of the creditor reference number is permitted according to the ISO 11649 standard.

This enhances the quality, while lowering the error rate. The QR code makes scanning of the payment data by reading devices or smartphones more efficient and more secure, which in turn leads to a higher straight-through processing rate (STP rate).


  • The new QR code is based on consistent use of the IBAN.
  • The QR code replaces the OCR-B encoding line, which contains purely numerical information.
  • The QR code contains all the payment information.
  • The QR code enables efficient and secure scanning by reading devices and smartphones.

Transitional phase

  • Throughout the entire transitional phase, parallel use of today's payment slips and the new QR code is possible. The precise duration of the parallel operation in the customer-bank data exchange can be defined by each financial institution according to its and/or its customers' needs.
  • QR code support is a noteworthy feature when purchasing a reading device for payment slips.