Direct debits & e-bills

The Swiss financial center currently has a variety of different direct debit procedures. In the course of standardization, banks and PostFinance aim at implementing a single procedure throughout Switzerland with a common form of direct debit message based on ISO 20022 (pain.008). Furthermore, the direct debit should be integrated in the e-billing process in order to enable companies to handle direct debits and e-bills with a single contract through one interface.

The new solution offers advantages to companies and their customers alike. The registrations for the direct debit procedure would be delivered to companies electronically in the future and aligned with the e-billing process. Direct debit authorizations that have already been issued will remain valid. SEPA direct debits (in euro) based on the ISO 20022 standard from Swiss financial institutions are not affected by the harmonization.


  • Direct debit collections are expected to be transmitted as of mid-2018 with the pain.008 message based on the ISO 20022 standard.
  • Debit Direct (PostFinance) and LSV+/BDD (banks) are to be combined with the e-bill.
  • The e-billing functionalities will be improved and expanded.

Transitional phase

  • LSV+/BDD direct debits can continue to be submitted by banks in the existing TA875 format. No end date has currently been set for this format.
  • Submissions and notifications using the old TXT format from Debit Direct (PostFinance) will be further supported until the migration is completed at the end of 2017.