The QR-bill, which will successively replace all currently used Swiss payment slips starting 30 June 2020, is an essential contribution to the future-capability of payment traffic in a digital Switzerland. The QR-bill displays a QR code with Swiss cross as an identification feature. The Swiss QR Code contains all the information needed for the payment.

The Swiss QR Code, along with the information printed on the payment part, comprises the QR-bill in A6 format. It is suited for billing in CHF and EUR, completely fulfilling the regulatory requirements associated with the revised money laundering ordinance.

Transitional phase

During a transition phase, to be kept as short as possible, the currently used payment slips can be used in addition to QR-bills. This gives all billers the option of making the switch at a date that is appropriate for them. All market participants must technically be able to pay QR-bills by the date that the first QR-bills are sent – i.e. as of 30 June 2020.