Notifications & account statements

Up-to-date account balances and notifications of movements are indispensible for regular account reconciliations. camt messages based on the ISO 20022 standard are used for this account and booking information.

This makes continuous, automated processing of transactions possible. As a standard, the end-of-day account statement (camt.053) is available with or without detailed information. Intraday account statements and debit and credit notifications will be dispatched with camt.052 and camt.054 messages respectively. 


  • End-of-day account statements will be delivered as camt.053 messages.
  • Intraday account statements (account turnover, reserve items) will be provided as camt.052 messages.
  • Debit and credit notices will be made available as camt.054 messages.
  • Delivery of incoming payments with the new QR-bill and from direct debits will take place in the ISO 20022 standard (camt.053/054). Through the new, supplemental debtor’s name information, the identification and allocation of credit transfers will be improved for creditors in comparison to the current ISR scheme.
  • The delivery of incoming payments from the new QR-bill and direct debit collections can also take place in the ISO 20022 standard (camt.053/054).

Migration phase

  • The Swiss financial center has not yet set an end date for IS/ISR.
  • The financial institutions will decide how long they will offer V11 credit files (ISR/LSV).