Readiness of software partners

The following list is based on the results of a survey conducted among providers of software products supporting the market introduction of the QR-bill by 30 June 2020.


PaymentStandards.CH assumes no liability for the accuracy of the information received. This solely involves a self-assessment by the respective software provider.

Name of software partners   Product name Download
Abacus Research AG Abacus Enterprise  
Abacus Research AG 21.AbaNinja  
ABInformatica Breva RE 64  
Abraxas AG - BU JURIS JURIS 4  
Abraxas Epsilon AG Ordnungsbussenverwaltung Epsipol  
Abraxas Informatik AG Abraxas Finanzen  
Adcubum AG adcubum SYRIUS (SYR_3.09.01.00-00)  
AdmiCash GmbH AdmiCash Version 8.30  
AGIS OPENService  
Agro-Office AG AgroOffice  
Base-Net Informatik AG WinCredit 2.19  
bexio AG bexio  
blue office consulting ag blue office® 4  
BMC Société de Services Informatiques Strategic ERP  
BMD Systemhaus Schweiz AG BMD NTCS  
Boss Info AG Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central  
Boss Info AG Microsoft Dynamics NAV  
Braso AG Xpandit V190510  
BRZ Schweiz AG BRZ-Bausoftware #evo  
Comatic AG Comatic 7  
corix AG corix FLEX  
CREALOGIX AG Digital Payment PayMaker (Home, Office, 3PC, NetBanking+) Version 5.x  
CREALOGIX AG Digital Payment ClubMaker/BusinessMaker Version 5.x  
CREALOGIX AG Digital Payment ClubMaker/BusinessMaker Versionen 3.x/4.x  
CREALOGIX AG Digital Payment PayMaker (Home, Office, 3PC, NetBanking+) V 3.x/4.x  
Creativ Software AG Organisation Management, OM 12.10.0  
C Team GmbH EleSoft  
Data-Bike Programmierung- und EDV-Analyse Data-Bike  
databird sàrl FileMaker, développement sur mesure  
Datisca AG BUSiNET 9.0.3  
deltra Software GmbH orgaMAX  
Dialog Verwaltungs-Data AG Dialog G6 und GemoWin NG  
Diamant Software GmbH Diamant/3 Rechnungswesen 4.2.0x  
Diamant Software GmbH Diamant 2020 Rechnungswesen 1.2.0x  
Diartis AG KLIBnet / 2019.30.14.40046  
dware design & software gmbh nextra.WEB  
dware design & software gmbh dware.NPO Version 9  
Dynasoft AG Tosca4  
EfficientBizz GmbH MedicalBizz® v3.5  
Epsitec SA Crésus  
ERPXperts SA Microsoft Dynamics Business Central  
europa3000 AG europa3000™ FT3 Revision 7.5  
Exel Informatique SA Oasis V 8.54  
EZYcount - superVX AG EZYcount  
Fair IT Cid  
Finnova AG Finnova  
Forrer-Software SwissGarage, Version 5.08.11  
Forrer-Software SwissOffice, Version 5.08.11  
Forrer-Software Forrer-Gastro, Version 5.08.11  
HP Engineering GmbH Cytan  
Hürlimann Informatik AG HISoft eGov 3.0  
InfoCall Produkte AG AVOkreditoren (12.19.405)  
InfoCall Produkte AG AVOdebitoren (12.19.353)  
InfoCall Produkte AG MEDICOwin (16.244)  
Info Nova AG iFAS V4 Rel. 9  
Infor (Deutschland) GmbH Infor M3 Cloud Edition  
Informatique-MTF SA (IMTF) ZV/2 Payment Processing 7.0.x  
Infotech AG TimeSafe Leistungserfassung  
innosolv AG is-e  
inteco edv ag WEGAS V6  
INTEGRAL concept MECHANIK 3000 Version 6.6x  
JCS Software AG ESCADA2  
Kaiser Software GmbH Mentor Q 8.04  
Kallysoft Informatik AG Spitex Administration Software  
KingBill GmbH KingBill FLEX 14.4.6  
KingBill GmbH KingBill ONLINE Version 14.4.6 AG SQL-Ledger 3.0.34 AG Musikschul Organizer 3.0.34 AG Online Factura 3.0.27  
LESS Informatik AG VE2000 V8.8  
LOBOS Informatik AG eNVenta ERP  
Loops Business Software AG LoopsFinanz  
Lourens Systems GmbH  
mammut soft computing AG Mammut Lion Version 1650  
MCR solutions SA MCR-suite  
MDSOFT AG PHAROS Auftrag V19.xx  
Messerli Informatik AG Messerli Fibu Messerli Projekt, V2019.5  
Micro Consulting SA Office Maker Business version 7.1  
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central  
Mircosoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations  
myfactory Software Schweiz AG myfactory Business Software, 7.0  
Nexus Schweiz AG NEXUS FINANZ NG  
Nexus Schweiz AG Domis heim.NET  
NCT AG Unifinanz U 06.00.00  
Opacc Software AG OpaccERP Version 16.20.03  
OPAG Informatik AG CASYMIR V4.1.24  
Orion EDP SA QuickFin, version 24  
PARALLEL Informatik AG parallel wägesystem  
pebe AG pebeFINANCE 06.01.02  
Pinus AG Pinus Software 3.18  
PMI.AG Scolaris 4 und Scolaris V  
PostFinance AG SmartBusiness  
ProConcept SA ProConcept 11.02 AG für ERP-Software ProFinance ERP  
PROFFIX Software AG PROFFIX, 4.0.1019  
Profile GmbH Helper 22a  
PROGEL SA Planet TS ver. - Planet ver. 1.159.0  
ProtecData AG BackStar 7.19  
ProtecData AG FarmStar 7.19  
ProtecData AG MillStar 7.19  
ProtecData AG SalesStar 7.19  
Quartesoft Sàrl MacPay+  
Q3 Software AG Q3 Software  
Run my Accounts AG Run my Accounts  
Sage (International) Sage X3 (Version 12)  
Sage Schweiz AG Sage 200 Version 2020.0  
Sage Schweiz AG Sage50 V2019 AU2  
Sage Schweiz AG Sage Start Version 2020.01  
Sage Schweiz AG Sage 100 Version 2019  
SelectLine Software AG SelectLine-Auftrag  
ShakeHands Software Ltd shakehands Kontor  
Software Engineering Michel Individualsoftware  
SORBA EDV AG mySORBA Workspace  
Syslog Informatique SA Syslog ERP  
TB Application (Schweiz) AG AVEOoffice / SPAoffice  
Tocco AG Tocco  
Topal Solutions AG Topal Finanzbuchhaltung  
Viacar AG Viacar-System V09  
Wealthings Horizon SA Horizon 2.3.3  
Winoffice AG Winoffice Prime  
W&W Immo Informatik AG Rimo R4  
W&W Immo Informatik AG ImmoTop  
W&W Immo Informatik AG ImmoTop2