Generating Swiss QR Codes

The following list features simple and free, publicly available solutions for generating Swiss QR Codes for individuals and small companies that do not have a software solution.


SIX Interbank Clearing Ltd ("SIX") has compiled the list of publicly accessible and free generators of Swiss QR Codes on behalf of the Swiss financial center and on the basis of a market analysis and does not make a profit from their publication. SIX is not the manufacturer of the generators ("QR generators") included in the list and assumes no warranty or responsibility whatsoever for their functionality or procedural implementation, in particular for possible errors in QR-bills created on the basis of the QR generators. Likewise, SIX does not provide any advice in this regard and makes no control functions available. Furthermore, SIX assumes no responsibility for actions of the manufacturers of QR generators that result from the disclosure of personal data in connection with the use of the QR generators. Any questions and comments regarding the use of the QR generators shall be addressed to the respective manufacturer. SIX reserves the right to update or remove the list of publicly accessible and free QR generators at any time.

Manufacturer URL address
Andreas Bilger
Manuel Bleichenbacher
Codeblock GmbH
Epsitec SA
hakuna AG
Lerchmüller AG
NetCat AG
PostFinance Ltd
QR Modul
Räppli - Rechnung
Raiffeisen Svizzera
TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung GmbH
UBS Switzerland AG