Your customers' trust is good. Good preparation is better.

Assume that as your customers' primary contact person you are confronted with questions regarding planned changes, their potential consequences and a concrete need to take action.

Fiduciary firms – especially if they provide full service as an outsourcing partner – are also responsible for being able to handle the payments processes of their customers efficiently, as needed and in accordance with future regulations.

Therefore, get informed in a timely manner about the cornerstones of the migration plans.

Expertise is needed when it comes to the harmonization of Swiss payments

As a consultant, actively support your customers with the smooth, on-time implementation of the harmonization of Swiss payments.

The migration to ISO 20022 is an ideal time to offer your customers specific added value with the improvement of their payment traffic; whether this involves the analysis and evaluation of the best-possible procedures or augmenting the implementation of concrete measures to boost efficiency.

The necessary migrations also represent a good opportunity to advise companies regarding an enhanced integration of the payments process in the digital value creation chain or the options for improving cash management.



Harmonization of Swiss Payments

What companies need to know.