The QR-bill: Advantageous for you too! Since 30 June 2020.

The QR-bill creates the basic for more efficient payment transactions – for all participants. You should therefore undertake all necessary measures early on so that incoming QR-bills can by paid automatically!

What to do so that your company can profit from the QR-bill

Budget and start the project sufficiently early

Analyze how your company pays bills today

With a payment instruction? In e-banking? Via payment software with file transfer? Or on the basis of more complex accounts payable processes with different software solutions?

Where action is required

In accounts payable bookkeeping and the payment software. Check the creditors master data and supplement it with IBANS and, if needed, with QR-IBANs. Are your readers or scanning platforms compatible? Make sure that you hardware and software QR codes can be read and processed.

These are the changes for bill recipients

A QR code contains all payment-relevant data

The Swiss QR Code

New payment references

"QR reference" and "Creditor Reference"

Account number formats

Now only IBAN or “QR-IBAN”

These are your benefits as a bill recipient

Simplified bill processing

One QR code for all payment types and payment references. Simple and secure capturing of the payment data in the Swiss QR Code with readers and smartphones.

All payment information integrated in the Swiss QR Code

Increased automation of accounts payment processes. Improved data quality through more information and more precise information in a standardized form.

Fewer reading errors

The option of scanning all payment-relevant data from the Swiss QR Code makes more efficient payment processing possible.

Saves time and money through reduced manual effort

Through continuous, automated payment references from the payment initiator to the recipient.

Digital and on paper

The QR-bill supports both: Digital payments and those handled by mail or at the post office counter.

These are your benefits as a biller

Billing in francs and euro

Simplified payment reconciliation, less manual effort

Electronic transmission of all payment information



QR-bill flyer for online view

in English, Italian, French and German