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There is a need for more information about the harmonization of Swiss payment traffic among customers. With our label, you effectively communicate your status in an uncomplicated manner, convey security to your customers and demonstrate the future capability of your financial institution and its products.

The quality seal shows that your financial institution

  • adheres to the new ISO 20022 standard
  • has passed all the necessary tests 
  • supports its customers through training and concrete project support during integration and testing.


SIX Interbank Clearing Ltd is an official communication body for the Swiss financial center regarding the harmonization of payment traffic and owns the PaymentStandards.CH brand. SIX Interbank Clearing Ltd assumes no liability in connection with use of the ISO logo by third parties, in particular for the correctness of the information provided. Use of the ISO logo by third parties occurs at their discretion.

If you can answer the following questions with “yes”,

you will straight away receive the readiness quality seal for your free usage, such as on your website, in your documents or presentations.

Our financial institution uses ISO 20022 in the area of payment traffic for the customer-bank data exchange in accordance with the Swiss Recommendations (published at:*
Our customers productively use the ISO 20022 standard in accordance with the Swiss Recommendations.*
We actively support our customers with implementation of the Swiss Recommendations and specifically motivate them to replace the existing DTA (by mid-2018) and EPO (by the end of 2017) standards with ISO 20022.*
Together with software partners, we are working toward successful implementation of the harmonization of payment traffic in Switzerland.*
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