The new, harmonized schemes

The new, harmonized schemes

The schemes are standardized and harmonized in four Swiss payments areas: Credit transfers, direct debits, notifications/reporting and payment slips.

Credit transfers

The existing credit transfer schemes of the banks (DTA) and of PostFinance (EPO/ECA/ISR) will be harmonized using the ISO 20022 standard.

Direct debits & e-bills

The banks and PostFinance will implementa single scheme for Switzerland mit einer gemeinsamen Ausprägung der Lastschriftmeldung auf Basis des ISO-20022-Standards implementieren. Zudem wird die Lastschrift in die E-Rechnungsprozesse eingebunden.

Notifications & reporting

In the future, account and booking information will be rendered in the ISO 20022 standard for regular account reconciliations.

Payment slips

The new electronically readable QR code containing all important information will make payments even more efficient in the future. It will replace all different variations of payment slips in use today.